Kill la Kill DVD Review

Tony Hand

After coming home from boarding school, Ryuko Matoi, found her father stabbed through the stomach with half a giant pair of scissors. Seeing someone running away with the other half of the scissors Ryuko ignored her father’s pleas and chased after them. By the time Ryuko Returned after failing to catch them her father was dead. Knowing if she found the other half of the giant scissor blade she would find her dads kill she began trying to track them down. The search led Ryuko to Honnouji Academy. Where she battles Satsuki Kiryuin, and her army of teenagers wearing Goku uniforms powered by life fibers! After getting easily beaten Ryuko returns to her fathers where she stumbles across a kamui named Senketsu. After putting on the talking,blood sucking,sailor uniform made entirely of life fibers she is granted tremendous power! With the power of Senketsu, and her scissor blade, will she have enough strength to find the answers she’s looking for?

Brought to us by Trigger and Licensed by Aniplex of America this self proclaimed lighting paced anime delivers! This high action story is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima. What makes this so important is these are the same folks that gave us Gurren Lagann–which if you haven’t checked out is an absolute masterpiece!

Now I usually am very hesitant to purchase anything that is licensed by Aniplex. Not for lack of a high quality dub–which Kill La Kill is–but rather the price! However, I felt I had to make an exception for Kill La Kill. I picked up all 5 volumes from for $29.99 a piece, and if you are familiar with Aniplex pricing was a steal!  All 5 volumes came with your standard proof of purchase card, as well as a brief survey card. The artwork on the dvd’s themselves was something I really enjoyed. Each one had it’s own unique sketch. As for content each volume came with 3-4 episodes with the exception of volume 5, which came with the bonus OVA episode 25. They all came with your pretty standard extra features: English & Japanese audio, English & Spanish Subtitles, textless opening & ending, and web version previews.

They story itself is well written with plot twists around every corner! I found the character development to be a lot better than what we see in most anime today. Oh, maybe I should get this out of the way. The MC fights half naked in a sailor uniform. However, I didn’t feel the fanservice took away from they were trying to do.

FINAL SAY:  With over-the-top comedy, beautifully done fight scenes, and a compelling story Kill La Kill is a show I feel will stand the test of time!

Written by: Tony Hand

Provided by: Purchased my own copies from

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