A Certain Scientific Accelerator Volume 1 – Review

Written by: Tony Hand

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Manga Review

t_A-Certain-Scientific-Accelerator-Volume-1-Review-.jpg  The latest installment from the A Certain franchise follows Academy City’s number one ranked Esper. When a girl, Estelle, being chased by an Anti Skill officer runs into Accelerator’s hospital room by mistake she is quickly knocked out and apprehended. Shortly after they leave Accelerator notices the girl dropped a picture of Last Order which peaks his interest. Quickly tracking down the Anti Skill officer (who has just loaded Estelle into the back of a van) Accelerator demands the officer leave the the girl behind so he can ask her some questions. Refusing to back down the Anti Skill officer is eager to take Accelerator on! Quickly realizing he alone isn’t strong enough to take on a level 5 Esper the officer unleashes his secret weapon–a fire wielding robot! Revealing he is a member of DA he tells Accelerator it’s time for him to pay for his “dark deeds”, and it’s their job to destroy what they deem evil without mercy in the name of “Justice”. Using all the tools at his disposal the officer is still no match for Academy City’s strongest, but he does manage to get away. After finding Estelle had escaped during all the commotion, and a disturbing discovery about the robot Accelerator returns to his room. Much to his delight he was greeted by Estelle who had been waiting for his return. She tells him how DA is after Last Order, and have ambitions that put the world in grave danger!

t_A-Certain-Scientific-Accelerator-Volume-1-Review-.jpg  In volume 1 we got the same Accelerator we have seen in A Certain Magical Index. The story takes place after his fight with Touma, and after the gunshot wound that caused his brain damage–so he’s walking around with his cane– and Instead of long winded Touma speeches we get simply get a “Tch”. He still only cares about crushing whoever opposes him, and cute little Misaka Misaka.

I felt the story has gotten off to a good start. The only complaint I would have is I wish they would’ve gone in a different route with what the villain was going to. I know this is Accelerator were talking about, and not much gets him out of bed. I just wish they would’ve gone with a more creative route. I think this will be the third time people are trying to use the Misaka for something evil, but it’s early so let’s see where Kasuma Kamachi goes with this! It did have a really good flow to it after all. Fast paced action, and cute comedy routines from Last Order kept me entertained all the way through.

A-Certain-Scientific-Accelerator-Volume-1-Review-.jpgThe art by Arata Yamaji was at_A-Certain-Scientific-Accelerator-Volume-1-Review-.jpg spitting image of the anime, which brings about no complaints from me. One thing that has always caught me off guard is the fanservice in the A Certain series. Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti fanservice by any means, but we even get the walk in on a girl while she’s changing shtick — which didn’t help progress the story at all. But dresses bursting into pieces, and skirts lifting every once in awhile is something we’ve grown use to in the A Certain series.

  Final Say: Great start to a spin off of a great series. I’m excited to see where this story takes us! If you like A Certain Magical Index this is a series you’re gonna want to add this to your collection!

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Written by: Tony Hand

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