Fall 2015 Midway Season Review

What I am watching Halfway Review

One Punch Man

right hand of anime one punch man half way review

The hype surrounding this show was the real deal! Thankfully Madhouse delivered! One Punch man revolves around Saitama who is just a hero for fun. Saitama, with his friend Genos, fight monsters that show up in City Z, and thanks to the “extreme” training regimen that drove him bald Saitama is absurdly powerful. Now when I say absurdly powerful I mean it. Everyone he fights he kills in one punch– causing him to grow bored.

Coming into this I was wondering how a show that has an MC that beats everyone in a single punch could produce awesome fight scenes. When the first villain, Vaccine Man, was beaten within the first minute of his introduction I thought, “So this is really how this is going to be huh?”

Shortly after we get a flashback to the fight that made Saitama want to become a hero. He fought against a giant crab man named Crablante. Not having his insurmountable strength then he was able to beat him by pulling his insides out with his necktie–I know right? It was a better fight, but I was thinking, “This is just a flashback. All of the other fights are gonna be like the first.” Then the Subterraneans showed up, and my jaw hit the floor as I watched Saitama go to war with them! With all of this in the first episode you can guess that good pacing is not something this show lacks! Granted Saitama has finished every fight with just one punch..The way he fights, and the killer Genos fights have all made for epic battles.

What I didn’t expect going into this show was the comedy, which has really been one of its strong points! There’s not a real deep story to it, and everything up to this point has seemed episodic with the longest “arc”, the House of Evolution, spanning just two episodes, but with killer writing, awesome animation, and entertaining characters One Punch Man has kept me engaged, and eagerly awaiting the new episode every week.

How I am watching: Streaming via Diasuki

K: Return of Kings

right hand of anime - k return of kiongs review

K: Return of Kings takes place a year after the events of K. The Gold King has passed away leaving the duty to guard the slates to the Blue King (Reishi). Seeing this as an opportunity the Green King and his “Jungle” clan make their move. Will the combined strength of the new Red King (Anna), Blue King, and the Silver King Shiro be enough to put a stop to their plans?

Within the first few minutes GoHands laid down the gauntlet… the animation is just simply stunning, but if you watched K you wouldn’t expect anything less. Now there are not very many shows where I actually develop an opinion on how something is directed, but the angles and shots we get are something that really stand out. The fight scenes are a creative fresh of breath air, but what really makes me appreciate how this anime is put together is the music which is amazing.

There are a lot of characters for a limited amount of screen time so at times it may feel slightly rushed, and the character development might be lacking a little bit. It feels like most characters are just content with simply floating on with how they’ve been. The story has been fairly interesting so far. No more finding out who Shiro is, and no more high school gimmicks. This season has focused on the action, and developing a relationship with a real antagonist. In K the Colorless King just showed up over halfway through the season. I feel I already know more about the Green King and his top three than I ever did about the Colorless King.

Overall I have really enjoyed K: Return of Kings so far, and with the way things ended in episode six it’s only going to get better!

How I am watching: Streaming via Hulu

 Beautiful bones: Sakurako’s Investigation

right hand of anime - beautiful bones review

A Bone-loving genius, Sakurako, and her high school companion, Shoutarou, work together solving various mystery cases.

Let me start off by saying that non-action mystery animes are not something I usually ever start to watch. However, as of lately I have really wanted to branch out and try new shows outside of my narrow minded comfort zone. So this season I threw a dart at a dartboard, and I’m pretty pleased that I did.

So far it has the episodic feel of any old crime solver show. With the exception of the duo solving the mystery of a “curse” Sakurako has just worked that big ol’ beautiful brain to solve murders or missing person cases. The word case is used very lightly seeing as Sakurako is not actually a detective at all. She is actually an anti-social osteologist that Shoutarou pesters into solving problems for various people. The stories are usually pretty entertaining, and the animation isn’t bad on the eyes. It’s definitely something I am enjoying watching, but its not a show I am gonna go out and buy on DVD or anything.

How I am watching: Streaming via Crunchyroll


  • The Asterisk Wars – pretty generic so far. A lot of setting up, and no real story.
  • Anti-magic Academy – I am a sucker for fantasy harems, and it does have excellent fan service. However, way too much CG, and the worst use of music I have ever come across in a show.. half the time I can’t even hear the characters over it.
  • Utawarerumono  – I just keep watching waiting for something exciting to happen.
  • Comet Lucifer – I dropped after episode one… It was bad.

**Trust me I see the poles, and I see how well Noragami Aragoto is doing, but I don’t have Funimation’s streaming service. The PS4 app is unwatchable, and with piracy never as an option I will just have to wait until it comes out on DVD!**


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