The Johto Journeys – DVD Review


 johto-journeys-pokemon-review-right-hand-of-anime  Some one send Viz a freakin gift basket! At long last they bring us The Johto Journeys DVD release! Not only did they bring us Johto Journeys, but they didn’t nickel and dime us! No sir, we got the complete season!

   After Ash returns to Pallet Town as the Orange League Champion he learns Gary is traveling to Johto to compete in the Johto League. Eager to face new trainers, discover new Pokemon, and to become a the Johto League Champion–Ash, Misty, and Brock head west towards johto!

Johto Journeys covers the first part of Ash’s quest to conquer Johto! We get to see him get his first two badges. The first from the Falkner flying type Pokemon Gym Leader, and his second from Bugsy  (you guessed it!) the bug type Pokemon Gym Leader!johto-journeys-right-hand-of-animepokemon_badges-hiveBadge-right-hand-of-anime


While the journey is mostly light hearted and fun we do say goodbye to two of Ash’s first and strongest Pokemon. After visiting Charicific Valley, and seeing first hand how strong Charizards raised in the wild are, Ash decides it would be best to leave his Charizard to be with his own kind. Though he truly felt it to be the right decision it was not an easy one to follow through on. Ash and Charizard had only just recently started to bond and have a mutual respect for one another–only adding to the already difficult decision to leave him johto-journeys-pokemon-review-right-hand-of-anime-charizardbehind. Knowing he didn’t have what it takes to tell him goodbye Ash tells Charizard he doesn’t need a weakling on his team, and he’ll be just fine without him. Before he changes his mind Ash bolts down the side of the mountain leaving Charizard releasing a flamethrower to the sky as if to say thank you for everything.
Bulbasaur_and_squirtle_1  The second to leave was Ash’s Squirtle. When the team runs into the Squirtle Squad during a water Pokemon competition Squirtle realizes the squad needs him back as their leader. Ash (being the very understanding trainer he is) decides it would be best for him to join his old group. While it’s sad to see the staples of his original Pokemon team leave one by one it does open the door for new friends to join the gang!

johto-journeys-pokemon-review-right-hand-of-anime-ash turning hat  Now we all know Ash is the gotta catch em all kind of guy he likes to portray himself as, but during Johto Journeys Ash does catch a handful of new and strong Pokemon. His revamped team includes Heracross (who goes to stay with Professor Oak before the season is over), Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, and even a Noctowl! All with new and fun personalities. Including a highly energetic dancer, and a Pokemon with a jealous crush! Let’s not forget the Ash manages to snag himself his first Shiny Pokemon as well!


As for the DVD itself it’s your typical VIZ Pokemon release. DVD box cover that matches the art on the DVD case, Pokemon art on the DVD’s, and no special features. But hey man I’ll take what I can get when it comes to a classic Pokemon release!


Final Say: C’mon man it’s a long overdue release of a classic, and any Pokemon episode’s that Ash is rockin’ his original Pokemon League Expo Hat in go ahead and sign me up! Hopefully we’ll be getting Johto League Champions, and Master Quest so we can have the complete Gold & Silver journey!


Provided by: I bought my own copy HERE on amazon


Written by: Tony Hand

Author: Right Hand of Anime

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