A Reunion we’ve all been waiting for

Digimon Adventure Tri takes place 3 years after Digimon Adventure 02. The original Digidestined, now in high school, have been going on about their normal lives without thdigimon-adventure-tri-review-right-hand-of-anime3eir Digimon. As Tai tries to get his friends to come watch his soccer match it’s made evident that the once inseparable group of friends have slowly been drifting apart as they find their own paths in life. Whether it’s Matt playing a concert, Joe studying to be a doctor, or Kari at a friends birthday party everyone has something that’s keeping them from being able to make it to Tai’s game–with the exception of Mimi who says she’ll fly over from America to watch, and Sora who wants to try to make it to both Matt’s concert and Tai’s game. While everyone is following through on their plans mysterious electronic interferences begin occurring.  The one common variable to these mass electronic malfunctions is a Kuwagamon flying overhead!


Seemingly glitching in between the real world and the digital world the Kuwagamon makes his way towards Tai’s game. Seeing the Kuwagamon approaching the soccer field Tai hops on his bike in a feeble attempt to try and lead it  away from the crowded event. However, without Agumon (Tai’s Digimon) Tai quickly learns that he doesn’t stand a chance making the rampaging Kuwagamon break on will alone. The Kuwagamon finally corners Tai, and crushes his bike–it then hits Tai that the damage the Kuwagamon is about to lay in its wake is real. More real than it ever seemed as a child.. Just as it seemed like the end of the road… Aguman materializes in front of Tai ready to protect his dear friend. Agumon digivolves into Greymon and launches his attack on Kuwagamon when out of nowhere portals open up that eventually take the contest of strength to an airport in Haneda. Not knowing where they went, let alone how to get there, Tai is left wondering what his next step needs to be when a government secret agent (who happens to be Tai’s high school teacher) shows up claiming he can to take him to help Greymon fight.


Upon arrival Tai see’s that all the Digidestined had been gathered, and were ready to fight the Kuwagamon that had attacked the city–and the two other Kuwagamon that had come through portals at the airport to join the bout. Tai, however, not so much; he was hesitant to fight. Flashbacks of seeing his bike and the buildings from the earlier attack crushed crushed with such ease had him questioning if fighting was the right thing to do…This hesitation caused Greymon to quickly be defeated. After a short battle all of the Kuwagamons were pulled back into the digital world by massive hands that appeared through portals. Not knowing what may lay ahead the Digidestined are back together and, ready to face any challenges or enemies that their new adventure might bring!



Whadigimon-adventure-tri-review-right-hand-of-animet I took from Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion..


I understand that Tai can now see these brutal city destroying brawls for what they really are. You can tell he understands how everything someone has worked for, and even their life can be taken away as a direct result of a Digimon battle–his Digimon battle. I understand he sees things from a different perspective–that he no longer sees the world through the rose colored glasses of a child, but it seems like a strange reason to not want to fight at all…After all, If he chooses not to fight peoples lives will be in even more danger right?


Another thing I find quite strange is the fact that in some instances it seems as if Digimon Adventures 02 never happened, but in others they show you that it did. There is no way 02 didn’t happen right? I mean if digimon-tri-review-right-hand-of-anime-3.jpgdidn’t why do TK and Kari have their upgraded digivices? But if it did happen then why is the public acting like they don’t know what Digimon are? Why go through the trouble of dressing the Digimon up in disguises or having them act like stuffed animals if the events of 02 occurred? Another thing is it seems the love triangle that doesn’t exist is back. Why does Sora want to try to go to Tai’s soccer match if it directly conflicts with being able to go to Matt’s concert? Why the awkward tension when Tai runs into them together in the hallway? In 02 Sora clearly chooses Matt and Tai is okay with it. I mean heck in the epilogue it even shows them married with kids!? Why make this a plot point again when we have a cut and dry victor of Sora’s heart? Now, I’m not going to believe that these are just massive plot holes or that the creator just forgot what happened in 02 (then again it has been almost 15 years!). No in all seriousness we have only just gotten into this story, and I have faith these things will get explained as the story goes along.


Now the animation for Digimon Adventure Tri and the animation for other Digimon projects are a breed apart. The animation is simply stunning. It really does seem like they have a movie quality budget. Even though the six part movie series is essentially going to be the equivalent of 24 episode series.


digimon-tri-review-right-hand-of-anime.jpgOverall Digimon Adventure Tri has gotten off to a pretty good start with Reunion, at least through my eyes–which may or may not be clouded with nostalgia. I must say It’s really fun getting to see some of our favorite childhood heroes all grown up, and dealing with the problems that come with age–something I’m sure we would all love to see from another certain monster trainer in a franchise from our youth. I think the conflicting storylines are going to work themselves out, and the end result will be something truly special. Hopefully when the second installment, Digimon Adventure Tri: Determination/Resolve, releases on March 12, 2016 we’ll find out some of the answers to the questions that Reunion left us with.


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Written by: Tony Hand






Author: Right Hand of Anime

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2 thoughts on “A Reunion we’ve all been waiting for”

  1. From what i know, the kids from 02 were facing something bad as it showed 5 minutes earlier in the movie.And also for second movie,they will fight against Imperialdramon which i think it was control by dark power.


    1. Yea I saw that in the trippy opening scene, but you would think it would’ve gotten brought up by Izzy. I do think them missing is going to be a major plot point down the line. Also the gate being closed for year doesn’t fall in line with the 02 story either. I just can’t wait to find out how this is all going to play out!

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