You might be a pervert when…

Perverted Anime Definitions

at least how Americans see em’


In today’s world of forced panty shots and bouncing (cough cough) ahem… you’ll be hard pressed to find an Anime or Manga that doesn’t sneak in something perverted. So here are a few words you might need to get acquainted with. Whether it’s to hate on or to love on you can’t go wrong having these definitions tucked away in the anime section of your vocabulary…


anime-defintions-perverted-right-hand-of-anime-reviewsEcchi: Pretty much anything “naughty”. Often used as a genre type, but it can mean anything from something sexy, perverted or just having a whole lot of fan service.


anime-defintions-perverted-right-hand-of-anime-reviews-kill-la-killFan Service:  Panty shots, Skimpy outfits, walking in on someone changing, wet clothes, your favorite magical girl transformation (or Digimon evolution.. no one’s judging you here) the list really goes on and on.. Artists these days come up with any excuse they can to show skin on a good looking character. I mean after all a nose bleed a day keeps the doctor away.. or so they say.


anime-definitions-perverted-right-hand-of-anime-to-love-ru-haremHarem: When a character has a group of people at are all sexually or even just emotionally into them. Not gender exclusive anyway you look at it. A male character can have an all female harem or the harem could include a male or even someone that is in a gray area between sexes. Females have harems to that can include men, women anything really you name it.


Loli: These are your younger girls.. and I mean really yanime-definitions-perverted-right-hand-of-anime-no-game-no-life-shiro.jpgounger generally reserved for someone in middle school sometimes even younger. Usually they are portrayed to have sexual appeal.younger generally reserved for someone in middle school sometimes even younger. Usually they are portrayed to have sexual appeal.


anime-defintions-perverted-right-hand-of-anime-reviews-franky-hentai-danceHentai: Now you’ll hear this in anime all the time, and it’s not to be confused with how it is used in the west. In Japan it boils down to just being perverted. Here however we use it to broadly describe animated pornography. I could go on about the the sub-genres of  hentai all day, but we’ll let google do that for you.






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