Beyond the Boundary


The world where Akihito Kanbara lives is a dark and isolated one. A world filled with beyond-the-boundary-anime-review-right-hand-of-anime-review-gif-akihto-youmu-1humans, supernatural creatures called Youmu, and the Spirit World Warriors who hunt and kill the Youmu. However, for Akihito the lines drawn between these groups are not so cut and dry. Born from a human mother and a Youmu, Akihito is an immortal Half-Youmu.


The world where Mirai Kuriyama lives is a dark and isolated one. A world filled with beyond-the-boundary-anime-review-right-hand-of-anime-review-gif-1humans, supernatural creatures called Youmu, and the Spirit World Warriors who hunt and kill the Youmu. However, for Mirai Kuriyama life can not be so easily described. Born into a cursed Spirit Warrior bloodline Mirai Kuriyama is the last remaining member of her clan. Feared for their power to manipulate their own blood the Kuriyama clan was wiped out by the Society of Spirit World Warriors.

One day while walking home from school Akihito sees a young girl wearing glasses. She is standing on the ledge of a roof in what looks to be a suicide attempt. Without thinking about it Akihito rushes to the rooftop with hopes of persuading her to live. While at first it seemed his yelling, “Someone who looks as good in glasses as you do simply should not die!” rang through to her–the blade that pierced his heart shortly afterwards said otherwise.


Destiny has a funny way of putting us on the path we’re meant to walk. The path that destiny placed in front of Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyama is not one for the weak, but one for those with the strength to go Beyond the Boundary.


beyond-the-boundary-anime-review-right-hand-of-anime-1 Beyond the Boundary is based of the Light Novels written by Nagomu Torii. I know the words based off the light novel scare a lot of people off, but this story isn’t about the typical light novel tropes. There is no harem and there is no magical school. The story is actually quite clever with plot twists that you won’t see coming. At times the story feels a little rushed, but even so they convey a beautiful story rather nicely in the 12 episodes. Though, being the greedy anime fan I am, I would’ve loved to see some things expanded upon.


The animation by Kyoto Animation is stunning. It’s down right visually appealing in every aspect. Fluid fast paced fights, and simple yet visually aesthetic character designs with music that plays well to the overall mood of the anime.


Beyond the Boundary is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and made available on Blu Ray or Dvd as of October 2015. The release is what we’ve all come to know and love from Sentai Filmworks–who has come on really strong as of late! The discs have beautiful artwork desgins including a visual from the much loved idol episode! Special features include; Beyond The Boundary Idol Trail! (ONA), They Who Judge you Even Though They Waver (ONA), Japanese Promos, Clean Opening Animation, and Clean Closing Animation. You can watch the extremely well done English dub, or you can watch it with the original Japanese audio with English subtitles. Unfortunately the only way to get your hands on the OVA Daybreak (a prequel to the series) is to take a hammer to your piggy bank and buy the Collector’s Edition of Beyond the Boundary.


Final Say: Beyond the Boundary is an intriguing series that I would consider a must watch even for the most casual of fans. It brings a compelling story coupled with outstanding animation, and a great release by Sentai Filmworks. A great addition to everyone’s collection!

Pick up your own copy of Beyond the Boundary HERE!


Written by: Tony Hand









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