Top Anime Shows of 2015

Top 6 Anime Shows of 2015


The 2015 anime class was extremely top heavy. In a year littered with magical schools, forced fan service, and any other cliche you can think of we were actually handed a few instant classics chalked full of originality. Here are my Top 6 Anime Shows of 2015, First Out, as well as the Biggest Disappointment Anime of 2015!



Yona of the dawn

(Akatsuki no Yona) 


Princess Yona has known nothing but a life filled with the finest things the world has to offer. Daughter to the King of Kouka, Yona, has lived her whole life sheltered from the many problems her kingdom faces. That is until she finds her father murdered by the hands of her beloved–Su-won. Through all the commotion she escapes the palace with the help of her close friend and bodyguard Son Hak.

With her lavish life stolen from her Yona now see’s Kouka for what it really is. A poverty ridden Kingdom filled to the brim with animosity towards the royal family.

At the suggestion of a young priest Yona and Hak set forth on a journey to gather the dragons of legend in hope that it will help them to restore Kouka to the proud kingdom it once was.


MINI-REVIEW: Yona of the Dawn follows complex storylines of love and betrayal. It’s well written, and the anime is a true adaptation of the manga. While there are some absolutely beautiful visuals in Yona of the Dawn the overall animation is nothing to gawk over.Being as it may it’s the drama and the comedy that kept me coming back for more. The characters are all so enjoyable, and watching Yona learn the harsh realities of the world and seeing her resolve to overcome them is something very refreshing to watch.



Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

(Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka)


The labyrinth city of Orario rests on top of a dungeon with seemingly endless levels, and even more monsters! After his grandfather dies,Bell Cranel, comes to Orario with hopes of becoming  a strong Adventurer. An Adventurer strong enough to get all the girls—like the heroes in his childhood story books! 

After arriving Bell quickly realizes it’s not going to be as easy as he thought. Trying to join any and every “Familia” he could find—and being turned down by just as many–Bell was at his breaking point when he was found by the failed goddess Hestia. With Bell in need of a Goddess, and Hestia in need of “children” the meeting brought about the Hestia Familia! Being blessed by Hestia, Bell starts his new life as an Adventurer.

After a near death experience with a Minotaur, and a fated meeting with a beautiful golden haired warrior Bell’s goals change!


MINI-REVIEW: Danmachi is a fresh take on the RPG style of anime that’s become so popular in recent years. Instead of some kind of VR system or something to that effect it’s the actual world that they live in, and it gives off a more dungeons and dragons vibe.

Now Danmachi was not without it’s flaws. The story is actually pretty rushed when compared to the source material of the light novel, but it still flows quite nicely. You do get a lot of the light novel tropes with Fanservice and A fairly dense MC, but unlike other OP MCs you actually get to watch Bell grown from a weakling to a powerhouse. Overall I really felt the story as a whole was really fresh. The animation dropped off at times, but it’s only because they put poured their budget into the scenes that really counted. If you are a fan of a good fight Bells fight against the Minotaur has my vote for best fight of the year. It was executed flawlessly! 



One Punch Man



Saitama,who is just just a hero for fun, with his disciple Genos fights monsters that show up in City Z. Thanks to the “extreme” training regimen–that drove him bald–Saitama is absurdly powerful causing him to beat all of his opponents with just one punch.


MINI-REVIEW: You can tell from the synopsis that this action comedy doesn’t have any kind of real plot to speak of, and honestly if any other studio made One Punch Man I doubt it would be turning the heads of anyone–yet alone the most casual of anime fans like it is. What takes One Punch Man from good to excellent is one thing. Madhouse. This is by far the best animated show of 2015–easily 10/10. The writing’s not bad by any means. It is actually quite funny and clever at times, but the work Madhouse did with One Punch Man is truly outstanding.



Food Wars: Shokugeki No Souma

 (Shokugeki no Souma)


Have you ever eaten anything so good that it’s caused you to have literal foodgasms and hallucinations?!? Well that’s what we get with Food Wars! Soma Yukihira grew up working with his dad in their family diner. Learning to cook at a very young age Soma has only two goals: to one day run the family restaurant, and to be a better Chef than his dad, Joichiro.

After Joichiro, decides to shut down the family diner to travel the world. He challenges Soma to enroll in the most elite cooking school in the world,Totsuki Culinary Academy. With new friends, and new challenges does the confident Soma have what it takes to succeed in the school where the graduation rate is less than 10%!?


MINI-REVIEW: I never in a million years would think that I would so thoroughly love an anime about cooking, but the over-the-top delivery and exciting cooking battles are beyond exciting! Even though there are a multitude of characters all of them are enjoyable and bring their own flavor to the show. My favorite part about Food Wars is they aren’t afraid to have the MC fail.  I know the idea of a cooking show anime might scare a lot of people off, but this is a complete must watch!



Parasyte – The Maxim-

Izumi Shinichi is your typical high school student living a normal life with his mother, and father. That is until mysterious Parasytes,aliens who burrow into a human’s brain to take total control over them, invade Earth. Shinichi falls victim to one such Parasyte named Migi. However, due to quick thinking by Shinichi the Parasytes attempt to take control of his brain fails–resulting in Shinichi’s right hand becoming Migis new home.

The newly formed pair, often targeted by Parasytes who feel the duo is a threat to their existence, have to fight just to survive. When Shinichi learns the dark human eating secrets of the Parasytes he takes it upon himself to defend the human race, and with Migi’s life directly tied to Shinichi’s he decides to fight and kill his own kind in order to protect his own life.



MINI-REVIEW: Parasyte is awesome. Seriously though it’s great. An excellent story written from 1988-1995 that was long overdue for an anime adaptation. Watching the growth of Shinichi through tragedy, and the bonds he forms was exciting every step of the way. Parasyte brings you tragedy, action, joy, and all the emotions in between. The story and characters are great enough to stand on their own, and then Madhouse got their hands on them and molded them into the masterpiece that is Parasyte -the Maxim-. Side note Parasyte get’s my vote for best soundtrack of the 2015.



My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU  TOO!

(Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku)


Following the events on last seasons Cultural Festival things at Souba High School start to get back to normal. Allowing Hachiman, Yukino, and Yui to get back to helping their fellow students at the Service Club. As the students prepare to take a field trip to Kyoto they are approached with a request by Hayama, and Tobe. The request: to help Tobe pursue his love interest Hina.

Once in Kyoto Hayama puts in his own request: That Hachiman not grant Tobe’s request in order to not upset the balance in their group of friends. Caught between two conflicting request Hachiman can only come up with one way to make everybody the least unhappy.

 In typical Hachiman fashion he disregards his own feelings, his beliefs, and makes himself out to be the bad guy in order to protect everyone else’s feelings. The way he handles the situation sets the dynamic of the trios relationship for the rest their fall semester.


MINI-REVIEW: The second season was a step up from season one in every way imaginable! Mind you the first season was excellent. That should tell you where I’m going here! They managed to improve on the already excellent animation of season one. Where Oregairu 2 makes it’s money is with excellent character development, and writing… oh the writing. From Hachiman’s clever lines to the complex problems the writing is top-notch. 



 Blood blockade battlefront

(Kekkai Sensen)


MINI-REVIEW: Fast paced and beautifully animated this episodic action packed anime delivered on so many levels. I never thought I would see plot twists and a complete story in something that seemed so mindless and episodic. My biggest knock is that delayed finale.


Biggest disappointment:



MINI-REVIEW: This show had an opportunity to be great, but they missed it every chance they got. I’m all for plot twist, but Charlotte completely flips the script on what it seems like it was trying to do half way through the series. Charlotte goes from a slice-of-life/comedy about high schoolers investigating people with weird powers to a very dark show about murder, physiological issues, and loss. Also, they squandered a great opportunity at a second season that really would’ve expanded on the darker issues the show develops. Instead they cram Yuu’s stealing of everyone in the worlds powers into a single episode.

Once the show dove into the darker elements I truly did start to enjoy the show, but they wasted half the season on garbage that ultimately ended up contributing next to nothing to the story.


Hope you enjoyed my take on the Top Anime of 2015!


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  1. Dang same here with “Charlotte.”

    Hey but it wasn`t there fault for “Blood Blockade” it has to do with scheduling issues. The fact that it`s not going by a traditional 30minute run it has to fit in a time-slot according to perfection or it would cut in to so many other schedules and ruin each and everyone, like a domino effect.

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