Overreactions Week 2 Winter 2016




   The Winter 2016 Anime season has hit the ground running setting the tone for what looks to a another promising year! There’s something for everyone this season. Whether you’re into magical high schools, wild fantasy worlds, or epic time travel mysteries!

   OK… I might be way too positive/optimistic seeing that it’s only two weeks into the Anime year, and I might be full of it when I say that the year looks promising but hey! I’m only human right!? While there are a couple really promising original and anti-trope shows this season, most of what we have is what is to be expected. Shows built around Fanservice and the same old anime routines…

   We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact!



Overreaction: Erased is the best thing to happen to anime since Madoka Magica! From the original plot that grabs your attention from the get-go to the beautiful artwork Erased has what it takes to tower over all, and stand as the King of Anime 2016. Who doesn’t want to know the life story of a time traveling/manga artist/pizza delivery guy after all!? 


Dagashi Kashi


Overreaction: Dagashi Kashi is hilarious. The dynamic between Hotaru, Saya, and Kokonotsu is perfect and makes for 24 minutes of nonstop laughing! The artwork is something odd that really grows on you as the show progresses. So grab your favorite candy bar and beer lookin’ juice, put on your best girl Saya shirt (or best girl Hotaru shirt no one’s judging here) and enjoy the show!


Myriad Colors Phantom World


Overreaction: Myriad Colors Phantom World bounces its way deep into the pockets of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure pants! It brings a world full of vibrant colors and beautiful ahem.. We have double entendres disguised as Fanservice and animation so smooth you’ll want to wear it! What’s not to love!?

Utawarerumono The False Faces


Overreaction: WhooWeee I am sure glad I powered through the first eleven episodes! No longer is Utawarerumono about cute animal girls reading homo manga and middle aged men doing odd jobs around town, no sir, the cast must’ve realized they were on camera, because we finally got ourselves some action! Epic battles between swordmasters and princesses, as well as towns being wiped off the face of the earth! Let’s hope it stays rollin, and were not right back to nothing but diggin ditchin and steam baths!


GATE Season 2


Overreaction: Itami is back and as low key badass as ever! Did you see what he did!? And the King!? Oh man… just wow! And that Dark Elf.. Ohh she’s about to mess some stuff up I can feel it! I gotta say though everything has been completely one sided, and I don’t see how it can change? What’s a sword to a gun right?


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