Overreactions Week 4


Week 4 Winter 2016


Week 4 entertained us, crushed us, and made us all laugh


We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact!

**May Contain Spoilers proceed with caution**



Overreaction: Erased just never seems to disappoint. Such a simple premise yet it’s constantly keeping me on my toes. I feel we get these new subtle hints every week that cause my to think. Think about theories on what’s going to happen, as well as just life in general. 

  There were a lot of emotions rolled into this episode. I could feel the fear, hope, and determination from Satoru. I could feel Hinazukis despair slowly fading into joy.

  Episode 4 brought us to X-day: Satoru’s and Hinazuki’s birthdays, also the day Hinazuki is to be murdered. This episode really showed us how the evolving relationship between the two was starting to affect Hinazukis life. From her standing up to her mother to her crying cause she didn’t finish Satorus present in time–you could really feel the deep connection they were starting to build with one another.


Dagashi Kashi

Overreaction:  Look Dagashi Kashi knows exactly what it’s out to do and by god they do it well. Dagashi has managed to get funnier and funnier with each episode. Now one thing they haven’t done to date is jump into the deep end of the fanservice pool… well.. until week four.

  The fanservice we got was not the typical fanservice we get nowadays. There are no half naked men or women, and no tripping and falling on boobs, but rather very racy jokes. I mean there was a few situations I couldn’t believe I was seeing this week, but they work so well with what Dagashi is trying to do!


Myriad Colors Phantom World

Overreaction:  Every week Myriad has had a deep underlying meaning that you can find if you look just past the cuteness and fanservice. In week four Myriad Colors Phantom World talked about the deep bonds of family. They showed us that the bonds between family can bring great joy and happiness, while they can also bring fear and loneliness.

  Reina’s ideal home is one I think we all wish we could have–just a big happy family eating dinner and laughing together while telling stories about their day. However, what she actually has is what I feel a lot more of us can relate to. With divorce rates at an all time high, and cost of living skyrocketing while wages stay stagnant the happy-go-lucky families we’ve seen on TV our whole lives are becoming a thing of the past. Most parents are having to work longer more stressful hours just to provide for their family which can lead to tension between spouses, and even between parents and children.

  Now having Reina’s character development episode out of the way if I were to recklessly speculate I’d say we have at least two more character centric episodes, and then hopefully we can actually start to get into some kind of plot. If no plot ever does roll around and Myriad ends up being merely episodic that might be alright, after all so far I have rather enjoyed the fun but deep topics they have brought to light each week.


Utawarerumono The False Faces


Overreaction:   WOAH. Now I have seen a few plot twists in my day but dang!

  Episode 17 has brought light to a lot of the questions and theories you might have come across while watching this show. For instance, I always have wondered why it was that Haku didn’t have any kind of tail or animals ears–I must say I never noticed the Emperor didn’t either– or why it was that while Ukon is wearing his mask he looks just like Haku!

  I was left with a lot of questions after the big reveal. Like why were others on the surface if it was inhabitable for Haku and his brother, and why didn’t the Emperor turn into a curse? But you know what they say… If you are enjoying something you will overlook or simply ignore plot holes.

  It was revealed that the entire world that they now live in was built purely on loneliness. Loneliness is a concept we see in anime often. If you ask me it’s because loneliness is something we all go through at some point or another, so it’s something that you see in one’s writing quite frequently. Now there are many levels of loneliness. We have seen loneliness drive people mad or ravage them with sadness. We have even seen it inspire and be the driving force behind ones desire to change his or her circumstance. Loneliness is a scary thing, and can send your life in many different directions, if we take anything from this episode it’s that we should use the pain of being alone and the pain of loss to change our surroundings. Use it as motivation to build an entire new world around us if we are not happy rather than be content with our situation.

GATE Season 2

Overreaction:  Gate has improved episode over episode from the get-go and is really starting to develop into this intricate story with all kinds of moving parts, and in episode 16 of Gate all of those moving parts finally convened.

  More and more were learning the roles the supporting cast members are to play in the overall story. With strings being pulled and dragons being fought it really seems like Gate is going to be nonstop action from here on out!

  Tuka’s mental ailments have also seemed to come full circle. Denial is simply a primitive defence mechanism one resorts to when they refuse to accept reality. To see Tukas denial go so far as to hallucinate was really alarming, but also really human. We all have realities we struggle facing and would prefer to just deny–struggles that seem impossible to face by ourselves. Luckily for Tuka she has true friends who are there to walk her through her suffering hand in hand, so much so they are willing to lay down their lives for the cause–we should all be so lucky right?


  I feel her pulling the trigger was the first step in admitting to herself that her father was in fact killed. Facing the massive obstacle that is accepting her fathers death coupled with taking revenge on the raging fire dragon the group is facing down is something I am really excited to see come to a head next week.



Overreaction: If I am being honest with myself this anime is really bad. There is nothing that is very appealing about it at all.


There is no real substance. They seem to be trying so hard to make this more than just a smash mouth anime, and nothing is working. Their feeble attempts at pulling on our hearts strings with Koganes dad was not doing it for me. I just feel no connection to anything that is going on–probably because the story itself makes absolutely no sense so far–and instead of actually developing an intriguing story they have proceeded to jump right into these forced one on one duels that don’t progress the overall story at all..

Plot hole city over… Why couldn’t Azuma challenge Shuuzaka since he had the heart so he could help Kogane fight him? And why all of a sudden do you need to find a secret train track to find an island in the sky? I thought you just needed Obou to fly up there! Why was Obou on treasure island if everyone had its limbs on earth? Where is the sister? Blah blah and blah…

I think I might have to drop this show. I like the style of CG and some of the character designs, but the overall lack of a plot and engaging characters is killing it for me.

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