Social Disapproval in the Anime Community

The Anime Community has some soul searching to do


  One of the best things about living in the age of the internet is how easy and vast social networking has become. With so many platforms we are no longer bound by geographical chains, It’s simply amazing, we can seek out like minded individuals to share and learn new things with just the push of a button–that would be impossible without the help of the internet!

  This is great for the anime community, my community,  since as far as hobbies go all things anime related are usually in the minority. Social networking has become an excellent tool for us especially. Thanks to it we have been able to band together and form these massive Facebook groups and anime website forums where we can share opinions and ideas.


  What should unite us as and breed positive relationships between people from people all over the world that love the inner workings of the great world of anime is over run by bullies–used as a playground to spread hate and their elitist propaganda.

Isn’t being an anime fan already outside the realm of normality? The anime community should be a safe haven for any and every anime fan. Not a place to go to cyber blows over anime titles..

  Afterall, what gives you the right to call someone a weeb? Why would you use a derogatory term that was devised with the sole intent to insult people such as yourself in the first place!? And what’s so wrong with being a fan of dubs? Without dubs I doubt you would have ever gotten into anime in the first place, and anime would not be what it is today in America if it were not for them. What makes someone a terrible fan just because they like long running mainstream anime? Newsflash, they’re not long running because the majority of the people in the world think they’re terrible! Just in general why would you feel the need to belittle someone, especially someone who is just trying to talk about the things he or she enjoys with people they thought would be accepting of them? C’mon we’ve all been to high school.. I am aware there is animosity in every kind of click, but the amount of hate I see amongst anime fans in the online anime community astounding.


   With the bully epidemic that is ravaging our schools one would hope we could set an example and rise above all the negativity.

  The next time you intend to bully a fellow member of the anime community I urge you to remember how it felt the last time you were singled out or put down. Also, keep in mind everyone’s psyche is not created equal–what words may never hurt me, very well may break your bones.


Author: Right Hand of Anime

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7 thoughts on “Social Disapproval in the Anime Community”

  1. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been the victim of online bullying within the anime community, for which I count myself quite lucky. I don’t doubt that it happens though, particularly on such huge sites as Facebook, where it’s much harder to keep an eye on things or take action against bullying in comparison to dedicated blogging platforms like WordPress. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to surround myself here with like-minded individuals who, even if we don’t agree on everything, definitely aren’t tolerant of people who are immature enough to resort to petty name-calling.

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    1. I love the WordPress community! However, voice too many of your opinions in an anime Facebook group or in an anime forum and it won’t be long till your subjected to cyber bullying in one for or another. It’s very disheartening reading the way some of these people are attacked.


      1. This is part of the reason why I limit my anime writing to my own blog. I just don’t have the time or the patience to deal with people who tolerate or actively participate in cyberbullying.

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  2. Thanks for this post. It would be nice if everyone can be respectful, but yeah. I once gave up on hoping people would be nice. To be honest, I’m still a bit hesitant to reach out and share my thoughts, but yeah ^^;… It would be nice if people didn’t HAVE to roll with the punches. It is why I stick with blogs instead of forums though :3. Much nicer here~~~

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  3. Maybe, within a niche group such as anime fans, where many people gather who don’t quite click with the majority (awfully generalizing here, of course), bullying and marginalizing can be used to feel a form of elitist power, I don’t know. This is really interesting to observe among Marvel fans at the moment. What used to be for nerds only is now as mainstream as can be, and not all the “real” fans who used to read comic books in the 90’s when it wasn’t cool yet cope well with that shift. Anime is probably not going to have to deal with that shift anytime soon, but the need to distance oneself from the lot seems to be there already. It’s the space where we can be the cool guys, after all, and that experience tends to get to people’s heads.


    1. I like that you bring up the Marvel Hollywood movement as a parallel. If Hollywood handles the Death Note, Naruto, and Ghost in the Shell live action movies right in the next couple of years Anime, westernized anime at least, could go through a similar main stream phase. It will be interesting to see how many current Anime fans bash these movies, and new fans brought into Otaku culture through such movies, without giving them an honest chance.


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