Overreactions Week 5 Winter 2016


Being in the fifth week of the season you can really get a good feel for the shows you are watching. This week only I only watched a couple shows that I really wanted to talk about. Hope you enjoy my take on them!

  We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact!

**May Contain Spoilers proceed with caution**



Overreaction:  Good lord ERASED is good… It is taking every fiber of my being to not search out the source material to this show! I just want to know the whole story so badly! Especially with the announcement that the Manga is about to come to a conclusion. As bad I want it, I will not deprive myself of this exciting ride ERASED has been taking me on.


The stories progression is in full swing–Satoru’s failure has sent him back to his time (2006) where he has changed very insignificant details of the future. With us being taken back to present day we get to see the killer’s next move, and with him being out to cover up any and all loose ends he wastes no time.

 This week really focused on loss and failure. Failure… We all have to adapt to failure if we’re to make it through life. If we didn’t we’d be driven mad by the consistency in which it presents itself in our lives. Most failure, however, is trivial. We fail to get to the bus stop in time, or we fail to keep a client happy. For Satoru the consequences of failure we’re much steeper than being late to first period or losing the big contract at work. No, for Satoru his failure resulted in the loss of lives–lives that belonged to people that were very precious to him. Seeing such failures and losses makes my getting upset over a flat tire petty to say the least.

Myriad Colors Phantom World

Overreaction:  There was nothing really groundbreaking with the episode itself, a lot more action than in the previous episodes is really the best thing it had going for it. To me it felt a little cliche/tropey, but hey there’s gotta be a too cool for school loner in every magical high school anime click right!?


 This week’s episode was focused on Koito and her relationships with the people in her life. We were told the story of what is was that made her into the standoffish person she is today, and the reason wasn’t really all that relatable so it was a little hard to really get emotionally invested in it.

 Trust me I am no fool, I know that how people act in anime is usually not the way a sane human in our world would act. Afterall, we have no fierce powers to scare off our friends and family, so it’s hard to truly even understand how it might feel to be shunned by our friends and family due to reasons entirely out of our control. The only power I can think of that could cause such discord in our lives would be the power of our sexuallity. However, there are many things that can cause you to be shunned by one or the other. I know, and understand well, the desire to maintain the friendships we spend so much time developing, but we can’t let those ties keep us from being the person we want or need to be–and we can’t we can’t let broken bonds keep us from pursuing new bonds that have the potential to reshape our universe.

 The moral of the story being don’t ever close your heart for fear of rejection. The friends you have now might not accept you, even your family might not accept you, but remember that the wise words of Jaguar D. Saul ring true “No matter who you are, ain’t nobody born into this world to be alone!”


 Up to this point Myriad Phantom World Colors has imparted us with knowledge, and used that new found knowledge to help guide us through the story of each particular episode. This week while interesting they didn’t use any of the concepts they taught us, actually kind of went against them, which was a little disappointing. Nevertheless, it was an interesting episode with a few thought provoking ideas, beautifully animated fight scenes, and touching moments.

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