Overreactions Week 6 Winter 2016

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  My lists of shows I am watching has really transformed throughout the season–just as it usually does. Half way through the season I am usually pretty set, which I think I finally am now. I have dropped what I’m gonna drop, and I have scoured the poles to see if any shows I didn’t start at the beginning of the season are worth my time. After seeing what Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash as well as KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World have been doing in the polls, I have decided to give them a shot. So far I have really been impressed with what I’ve seen. Both have a similar setting (probably the most popular setting there is right now) but go in entirely different directions, and both do what they are trying to do fairly well.


  We’ve now burned through half the season for most the shows so I feel I can say this is a fairly average season. So far one has stood head and shoulders above all other shows, but there quite a substantial amount of legitimately good, not great, shows this season. So far on MAL 36% of the shows are rated 7+, 13% are rated 8+, and only 2% are rated a 9+ (in other words only a single show!)


We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact!

**May Contain Spoilers proceed with caution**




Overreaction:  Were half way through the season and I have yet to guess correctly as to what is going to happen next… Week six brought us even more solid character development, and really expanded on Satoru and Airi’s relationship.


  We were taught quite a few valuable lessons this week: How to have faith and how to calmly assess a situation, as well as the value of exercising now and then. Should the need arise could you be able to carry your loved one down a flight of burning stairs?

  After eluding the police throughout the story Satoru is finally caught, and it was Airi who lead the Police to him no less–not intentionally mind you. I really loved the way Satoru was written to handle this. Most people in such times of crisis would want to curse the person that led them to such a downfall, but in that dire moment all Satoru could think of was how to cheer up Airi. It really is a good example of how we all should handle such soul crushing defeats.


  We’ve now seen the killers face a handful of times, we’ve even been given a name, not a that it helps us any! I think we can all lead to a variety of different conclusions on who it is, but there are just so many things that don’t add up for any given suspect! Can’t wait to see what unfolds next week!

Myriad Colors Phantom World


Overreaction:  This whole season I have been really impressed with what Myriad Colors Phantom World had been doing. Thinking that if your look past the fanservice and look deep into the details of what it’s doing there were great things to be found. I still feel this can end up being a real solid show, but each week they get further and further away from the intellectual aspects that made the first few episodes so appealing to me. The goal now seems to be to appeal to the folks that like the cuter side of things.

  One of the big problems you come across when a show tries to give every character their own mini development arch is it feels like we’re being forced to develop an emotional connection to these characters, and forced to care about their problems. I would rather have no character development than inorganic in your face development. Now that we’re finally through the last of the “character development” episodes, and the haremish is complete, we’re at a really crucial turning point in the anime, and at this point it can really go either way.

  As for this week’s episode? Just think to yourself what would you get if you put a little girl (with the worst hair style ever conceived) in a fairy tale world full of teddy bears.

  The overall mood of the episode, and the character development they shoved down our throats, was self confidence. The way they show the internal problems a lack of self confidence can cause really does relate well to the real world. Some of us are born with it, while other can spend their whole life searching for it. Those of us born without it are constantly having to step outside of comfort zones to expand our universe.



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