Overreactions – Week 7 Winter 2016


(Mini Weekly Reviews)


We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact!

**May Contain Spoilers proceed with caution**



Overreaction: Unless ERASED nose dives from here till the end of the season, I don’t think there is an anime out there that can uproot it from the number one spot on any of the many anime polls out there–it’s just that good.

After another failure (this time in his original time period) Satoru begged his revival to take him back, to give him one last chance. Playing off his emotions, his revival answered his call sending him back to a couple days before “Day X”.


This go around you could really feel how backed into a corner Satoru felt. Knowing that after everything he did last time he only managed to change very tiny details of what had originally occurred. This time he was determined to win by whatever means necessary, needless to say, he took a new dark and drastic approach.

Keyna, Satoru’s young friend, has started to emerge as a vital player in this mystery. What side he’s on? Well… I have a feeling we’ll be finding out really soon.

One thing we do know without a doubt about Kenya, is he stopped Satoru from pulling a very boneheaded move. While I’m sure deep down quite a few of us would’ve been happy to watch Hinazuki’s abusive mother go flying down a flight of stairs–violence only begets more violence–and it appears Kenya knows it. Being back into a corner, thinking you will resort to whatever means necessary, can be a really scary situation for us in the real world. Having a friend that will grab us by our shoulder until calmer heads prevail is as priceless to us, as grabbing our friends shoulder to protect them from something destructive is to them.


Myriad Colors Phantom World

Overreaction:  Talk about flipping the script… After a couple weeks of trending downward Myriad Colors Phantom World went back to trying to build an episode around a scientific principle laid out for us at the beginning of the show.

This week the episode was built around schrodinger’s cat theory, which basically states: that if a cat is in a box with a vile of poison, until the box is opened the cat can be thought of as both dead and alive. Now, only this show would turn it into the phantom pantsu theory! “If you can’t see up my skirt, it’s like I’m both wearing panties and not wearing panties”


The other theory it taught us was Von Neumann-wigner’s theory of mind consciousness, which claims that a person’s conscious affects the outcome of objective measurement. With the example being Kurumi believed a kitten was alive, therefore, it was.

While the show’s main theme was based on these theories, Kyoto Animation did not fail to make it fun, and cute, with plenty of fanservice catered towards those with the infamous cat-girl fetish. One thing you can say about this series without a doubt is that it is a damn good looking anime. I have yet to notice a drop in quality, and don’t think we should expect to being seven episodes in.

You could say that this is a harem if you wanted to, and I guess you wouldn’t be lying, but up till this point there has been no fawning over the MC or anything even close of that nature. Really the only thing we’ve gotten that’s relatively close to a ship is Reina being all goo-goo eyed over Mai. That is until this week.. (cause lord knows this story couldn’t be good unless we give it a romantic twist..) While not exactly doting on the main character (I mean after all, how much doting can a Tsundere actually do?) Mai showed the first clear signs that she has emotions for Haruhiko, and also shows clear signs that she wouldn’t put up with anyone else having the same feelings!

Overall, I feel that after a dip in quality in regards to the story Myriad Colors Phantom World has gotten back to what it does well. And with a relatively lackluster season it’s nice to see such a beautifully animated series take the smarter road traveled versus providing us with a bunch of dumbed down arch-types.

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