Overreactions Week 9 Winter 2016


(Weekly Review)

I started doing these weekly reviews to force myself to keep writing about anime while I was working on launching my new dakimakura store Waifu Pillows, doing a massive overhaul of one of my niche sites, laying the groundwork for my new niche site, working on a new physical goods business, writing an eBook, studying for school, and of course all while still working a 70 hour work week. Now, as you can see my overreaction weekly posts have slowly gone from writing about, somewhere around 5 or 6 shows, to basically being nothing but a Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi weekly review. There are a bunch of great shows this season, a lot that I wish I had the time to write for, but life (and the absurd amount of projects I take on) have certainly gotten in the way.

We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact!

**May Contain Spoilers proceed with caution**



Weekly Review: Let me start by saying that “Closure” was the perfect name for the episode this week, because it’s exactly what we got. We finally got to see Kayo get to a safe place, where she’ll be loved, and have a chance for a normal life.

However, it was somewhat bittersweet. While it was a send off to a better life, it was also saying goodbye to a dear friend for Satoru.

The episode this week was broken up into two acts, with the first being the everyone confronting Kayo’s mom. For a second I was fairly upset with the author during this scene. I felt they were trying to give Kayo’s mom a pass. Reaching into her past to provide us with these horrific images of her being beaten by a previous partner. It seemed like they were trying to give her an excuse, and trying to sway our emotions towards feeling sorry for her. Then ERASED did what it has done all season. It gave us great writing, and a perfect next step in the story. Instead of trying to make us feel sorry for her, they went the route of real life: there are thing in this life that you do that there is no excuse for, and you have no right to be forgiven for such things. Beating your child because you were abused yourself is one such truth that carries no excuse.

The second act shed light on something I cast away as an afterthought along time ago. Kayo was not the only one murdered, and her being saved has not in turn saved all the other children–nor has it put the killer behind bars or stopped his evil ways.

Overall, it was another superb episode. Thankfully, tonight I am going to sleep like a baby knowing Kayo Hinazuki is safe and finally going to be able to live a happy and carefree life.


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