Overreactions – Week 12 Winter 2016


Now while it is not the last week of the season, ERASED is done and gone. As such this will be the last and final installment in the Overreactions series. Writing about the same show week after week grows to be very tedious, I would much rather spend the limited amount of time I can devote to this anime blog writing about more exciting things; such as the future of the industry or political symbolism in modern anime.

I will briefly say I am looking forward to next season—a fresh start is always good. Now,  I don’t spend a whole lot of time researching shows I plan to watch. In fact, the extent of it is looking at the key visual and if it looks like my style I’ll give it a whirl. Then once polls I readjust the shows I am following accordingly. Not a good strategy I know. I miss out on a lot of gems, but if they are really great then years down the road I read a review that draws me back to the show.

The only show I am really looking forward to as of right now is My Hero Academia. Now while I was spoon fed shounen since the day I was born into this anime life, as I have gotten older I have distanced myself more and more from your typical shounen. Now, that’s not to say I don’t still read the new chapter of One Piece every week. It’s just that I no longer see shounen as the crowned king of anime genres, and instead prefer real drama/slice of life/almost shoujo type stuff. Anyways, my point is I just don’t get very excited over new shounen. My Hero Academia however, looks really promising and done by one of my favorite studios—Bones. So I will definitely be checking it out!


We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact!

**May Contain Spoilers proceed with caution**



erased anime review animeblog

Weekly Review: Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi, roughly translates to the Town Where Only I am Missing, now why on Earth would we americans changed the name from The Town Where Only I am Missing to Erased? It’s puzzled me all season… but now I get it. It was foreshadowing.. A prophecy if you will. We translated Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi to Erased because the show was going to Erase everything it had done well the entire season, and send it crashing down to Earth.

That ending was terrible. I understand that it’s hard to end a single cour show perfectly, but there are examples of how to do it, look no further than Madoka Magica or Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. They threw caution to the wind and took huge creative gambles, ultimately leaving us satisfied and craving more.

Erased just fizzled out.

I don’t understand why Yashiro wouldn’t kill during the time Satoru spent in a coma… Was it to justify Satoru sacrifice? Was it to end Erased on a happy note that would leave everybody with a good taste in their mouth? I know this is (well at least I have read) that this was an anime original ending—which I also don’t understand. Why line up the end of the anime with the end of the manga if you were just going to go with an original ending?

Don’t get me wrong one episode can’t ruin an entire anime, I still love the original Fullmetal Alchemist even though the ending was terrible.

Erased had a lot of good qualities to it: It gave us a few characters that actually went through real development and had an almost palpable depth to them, it had an interesting story that was well told and well written. But Erased wasn’t good enough to look the other ways and ignore its flaws. The fact is it didn’t really do it’s genre justice, and it broke the rules set by it’s own universe.
Masterpieces come by once every few years, and I really thought Erased would end up being an anime that could live on as a classic. At the end of the day though, I have to say that Erased was nothing more than a pretty good anime that fell just short of reaching insurmountable heights, and instead came crashing back down to Earth with loud and ungraceful thud.

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3 thoughts on “Overreactions – Week 12 Winter 2016”

  1. Even though the drama was underwhelming, it was perfectly explained why Yashiro didn’t kill Satoru in his coma. Half of the climax was spent going through that and establishing Yashiro’s great flaw in his inability to kill Satoru at any point. It echoed the classic detective-killer issue that Batman and the joker, and Sherlock and Moriarty, have capitalized upon, albeit poorly and pretentiously.

    Also unsure how the show ‘broke the rules set by its own universe’.


    1. I felt they broke the rules of its own universe when Satoru was able to call upon the power of rival when he was being arrested a few episodes back.
      Also, I understand why they said he didn’t kill. I am asking the question why was it written that way in the first place. I just personaly felt it was cop out and not very creative.


      1. He didn’t call upon that power. Judging by the last few large-leaping Revivals, it seems to trigger under incredible emotional duress. There was no ‘rule’ that it could be triggered at any time; the convenience reinforces how it acts as a gift for him.


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