Your Lie in April is Haunting Me

It’s been six days since I finished watching You Lie in April, and it’s haunting me. Let me start off by saying Your Lie in April is the best story I have ever been told through anime.

Since finishing Your Lie in April I have spent as many hours as there are in a day listening to the various renditions of the soundtrack in the background while I work. I find myself reliving moments from the show when I fall asleep at night; it’s be so impactful it’s literally made me change the way I want to live my life.


My favorite aspect of the show is the passion it exudes. More than the tragedy and drama, I feel passion is the lifeblood this story about a monotone pianist and a colorful violinist.

It’s not just the colorful heroine that shows passion; it’s everybody. And their passion is so raw and so believable. You’re shown these people pouring their souls into their craft leaving themselves exposed and vulnerable, and it scaring the hell out of them.

A lot of us go through life afraid of this vulnerability. Scared to death to take any kind of real leap of faith out of fear of failure. There’s motivation to be found in watching these kids find real sorrow in their failures, and then having the wherewithal to stand back up and expose themselves to the world all over again.

This passion, though sometimes painful and frightening, was beautiful. It made me wish that if my daughter can find anything in this world, it be something she can love so much, that she will pour her soul into it while chasing dreams of being the best.

I don’t think being the best is what’s important, though. I think it’s the chase that’s important. The life lessons learned through striving to achieve are invaluable, and do nothing but make you grow as a person.


Another beautiful gift of life expressed by You Lie in April was how much you can truly affect the lives of those around you. Kousei Arima merely got on stage as a young child and played his heart out, but his positivity and beauty changed the lives of strangers in the audience forever.

This speaks true to this life as well. You never know who is watching you, and in whose eyes you are a hero. It doesn’t take much if you expose yourself to the world, just one act of kindness or one act of hate, to completely transform someone’s perception of reality.

Certainly we all know by now that Your Lie in April is not all fun times and rainbows. Aside from the elephant in the room, Your Lie in April uses something we don’t often see in anime as a major plot point–mental illness and depression.

Depression isn’t always as cut and dry as it seems, but it will prevent you from living life the way you want to. Kousei’s depression prevents him from being able to live his life in a way that not only makes him feel important and special but in a way where he is even unable to see the color around him.

And while it may be true other people can’t drag you out of a depression, the way you see others live their life and lead by example can. Witnessing their strength and freedom can shed light to the beautiful colors of this world. Kaori was able to show Kousei these colors in spades, but even then Kousei had to fight, scratch, and claw to pull himself out of the deep and dark hole of depression.

Your Lie in April was not without its flaws. The story leaned on quite a few played out tropes as plot devices, but the character depth and story telling that overlapped these cliches were amazing.

In all honesty, I don’t know what drove the story more; the plot or the characters. The characters were really well fleshed out. I really felt like I was completely in tuned with their struggles. I understood why they felt their joy or sorrow. Throughout the anime, you really learn about them, and not just through a little backstory cameos, but through constant development.

Your Lie in April did to me what I feel any classic story should; it moved me. It made me look deeper than just face value. It made me look at myself and how I’m living my life. You can rest easy Kaori, your music reached me, and will live on in my heart forever.


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