My name is Tony Hand. I am a father, writer, and a Geologist.

I love to take a more human approach in regards to my writing about anime. I try and write about the underlying emotions I feel whenever I watch something, and how it may or may not relate to us as humans.

Here at Right Hand of Anime I want to share with you my thoughts and views. You’ll find News, Reviews, and Essays on various things in the Anime World!

We all know how piracy is plaguing the Anime industry. So I have created a little Amazon store filled with Killer DVD’s,Manga, and LN’s. Even if you don’t buy from my store I encourage everyone to avoid piracy!

You can find my store here! Right Hand of Anime’s Shop


Other sites I operate as the owner of T&A Websites:

  • Charlie’s Pet Corner – check us out at www.charliespetcorner.com – Were a pet blog that specializes in how to raise a dog, dog health, and dog food and treat recipes.
  • Waifu Pillows  – check us out at www.waifupillows.com for high quality doujin (Fan Art) Dakimakuras – just for being a reader here at Right Hand of Anime use the code waifu10 for 10% off!


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