Overreactions Week 2 Winter 2016



   The Winter 2016 Anime season has hit the ground running setting the tone for what looks to a another promising year! There’s something for everyone this season. Whether you’re into magical high schools, wild fantasy worlds, or epic time travel mysteries!

   OK… I might be way too positive/optimistic seeing that it’s only two weeks into the Anime year, and I might be full of it when I say that the year looks promising but hey! I’m only human right!? While there are a couple really promising original and anti-trope shows this season, most of what we have is what is to be expected. Shows built around Fanservice and the same old anime routines…

   We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact! Continue reading “Overreactions Week 2 Winter 2016”