What Anime Means to Me

What Anime Means to Me


  We all have reasons for why we throw ourselves into the world of Anime. Some of us are in it for the art, while some of us are in it for the adventure. Some people even use it as a means to escape from the pressures of life. Different life circumstance leads to different paths in life, as such, different reason for looking towards Anime as a source of fulfillment, creativity, or help.

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Overreactions Week 2 Winter 2016



   The Winter 2016 Anime season has hit the ground running setting the tone for what looks to a another promising year! There’s something for everyone this season. Whether you’re into magical high schools, wild fantasy worlds, or epic time travel mysteries!

   OK… I might be way too positive/optimistic seeing that it’s only two weeks into the Anime year, and I might be full of it when I say that the year looks promising but hey! I’m only human right!? While there are a couple really promising original and anti-trope shows this season, most of what we have is what is to be expected. Shows built around Fanservice and the same old anime routines…

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Why the Anime/Manga Industry Breeds Piracy in America

Pirates aren’t cool guys


  The Anime industry is dying. If you’ve been a fan of the industry for any time at all I am sure you’ve heard that proclamation thrown around a time or two. If you ask me todays anime is great. The quality is better than ever on so many different levels. In my opinion it’s not the Anime or Manga quality that’s the problem. For me it boils down to one thing: The fans of the Anime industry. From the Elitist bullies who push would be fans away right down to the internet pirates seemingly in search of the One Piece on the Anime Line. Continue reading “Why the Anime/Manga Industry Breeds Piracy in America”

Top Anime Shows of 2015

Top 6 Anime Shows of 2015


The 2015 anime class was extremely top heavy. In a year littered with magical schools, forced fan service, and any other cliche you can think of we were actually handed a few instant classics chalked full of originality. Here are my Top 6 Anime Shows of 2015, First Out, as well as the Biggest Disappointment Anime of 2015!



Yona of the dawn

(Akatsuki no Yona) 


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Beyond the Boundary


The world where Akihito Kanbara lives is a dark and isolated one. A world filled with beyond-the-boundary-anime-review-right-hand-of-anime-review-gif-akihto-youmu-1humans, supernatural creatures called Youmu, and the Spirit World Warriors who hunt and kill the Youmu. However, for Akihito the lines drawn between these groups are not so cut and dry. Born from a human mother and a Youmu, Akihito is an immortal Half-Youmu.


The world where Mirai Kuriyama lives is a dark and isolated one. A world filled with beyond-the-boundary-anime-review-right-hand-of-anime-review-gif-1humans, supernatural creatures called Youmu, and the Spirit World Warriors who hunt and kill the Youmu. However, for Mirai Kuriyama life can not be so easily described. Born into a cursed Spirit Warrior bloodline Mirai Kuriyama is the last remaining member of her clan. Feared for their power to manipulate their own blood the Kuriyama clan was wiped out by the Society of Spirit World Warriors.

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You might be a pervert when…

Perverted Anime Definitions

at least how Americans see em’


In today’s world of forced panty shots and bouncing (cough cough) ahem… you’ll be hard pressed to find an Anime or Manga that doesn’t sneak in something perverted. So here are a few words you might need to get acquainted with. Whether it’s to hate on or to love on you can’t go wrong having these definitions tucked away in the anime section of your vocabulary…


anime-defintions-perverted-right-hand-of-anime-reviewsEcchi: Pretty much anything “naughty”. Often used as a genre type, but it can mean anything from something sexy, perverted or just having a whole lot of fan service.


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A Reunion we’ve all been waiting for

Digimon Adventure Tri takes place 3 years after Digimon Adventure 02. The original Digidestined, now in high school, have been going on about their normal lives without thdigimon-adventure-tri-review-right-hand-of-anime3eir Digimon. As Tai tries to get his friends to come watch his soccer match it’s made evident that the once inseparable group of friends have slowly been drifting apart as they find their own paths in life. Whether it’s Matt playing a concert, Joe studying to be a doctor, or Kari at a friends birthday party everyone has something that’s keeping them from being able to make it to Tai’s game–with the exception of Mimi who says she’ll fly over from America to watch, and Sora who wants to try to make it to both Matt’s concert and Tai’s game. While everyone is following through on their plans mysterious electronic interferences begin occurring.  The one common variable to these mass electronic malfunctions is a Kuwagamon flying overhead! Continue reading “A Reunion we’ve all been waiting for”

The Johto Journeys – DVD Review


 johto-journeys-pokemon-review-right-hand-of-anime  Some one send Viz a freakin gift basket! At long last they bring us The Johto Journeys DVD release! Not only did they bring us Johto Journeys, but they didn’t nickel and dime us! No sir, we got the complete season!

   After Ash returns to Pallet Town as the Orange League Champion he learns Gary is traveling to Johto to compete in the Johto League. Eager to face new trainers, discover new Pokemon, and to become a the Johto League Champion–Ash, Misty, and Brock head west towards johto! Continue reading “The Johto Journeys – DVD Review”

Fall 2015 Midway Season Review

What I am watching Halfway Review

One Punch Man

right hand of anime one punch man half way review

The hype surrounding this show was the real deal! Thankfully Madhouse delivered! One Punch man revolves around Saitama who is just a hero for fun. Saitama, with his friend Genos, fight monsters that show up in City Z, and thanks to the “extreme” training regimen that drove him bald Saitama is absurdly powerful. Now when I say absurdly powerful I mean it. Everyone he fights he kills in one punch– causing him to grow bored.

Coming into this I was wondering how a show that has an MC that beats everyone in a single punch could produce awesome fight scenes. When the first villain, Vaccine Man, was beaten within the first minute of his introduction I thought, “So this is really how this is going to be huh?” Continue reading “Fall 2015 Midway Season Review”

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Volume 1 – Review

Written by: Tony Hand

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Manga Review

t_A-Certain-Scientific-Accelerator-Volume-1-Review-.jpg  The latest installment from the A Certain franchise follows Academy City’s number one ranked Esper. When a girl, Estelle, being chased by an Anti Skill officer runs into Accelerator’s hospital room by mistake she is quickly knocked out and apprehended. Shortly after they leave Accelerator notices the girl dropped a picture of Last Order which peaks his interest. Quickly tracking down the Anti Skill officer (who has just loaded Estelle into the back of a van) Accelerator demands the officer leave the the girl behind so he can ask her some questions. Refusing to back down the Anti Skill officer is eager to take Accelerator on! Continue reading “A Certain Scientific Accelerator Volume 1 – Review”