Overreactions Week 6 Winter 2016

Mini Anime Reviews


  My lists of shows I am watching has really transformed throughout the season–just as it usually does. Half way through the season I am usually pretty set, which I think I finally am now. I have dropped what I’m gonna drop, and I have scoured the poles to see if any shows I didn’t start at the beginning of the season are worth my time. After seeing what Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash as well as KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World have been doing in the polls, I have decided to give them a shot. So far I have really been impressed with what I’ve seen. Both have a similar setting (probably the most popular setting there is right now) but go in entirely different directions, and both do what they are trying to do fairly well.


  We’ve now burned through half the season for most the shows so I feel I can say this is a fairly average season. So far one has stood head and shoulders above all other shows, but there quite a substantial amount of legitimately good, not great, shows this season. So far on MAL 36% of the shows are rated 7+, 13% are rated 8+, and only 2% are rated a 9+ (in other words only a single show!)


We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact!

**May Contain Spoilers proceed with caution**

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Make Anime Great Again!

  As I get older I find myself being more invested in things such as politics, and with the caucuses in full swing (and Donald Trump just winning the New Hampshire primary) it really got me thinking what it would actually be like if Donald Trump manages to take home the highly sought after prize of the Presidency. By now we all know the running jokes within the Anime community ever since the Politician Rick Wilson had this to say about Donald Trump supporters:

Most of them are childless single men who masturbate to anime. They’re not real political players. These are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity.  


  Now this narrow minded Otaku-ist statement aside, I think I finally found a good Anime parallel to Donald Trump. Now with his whole persona being what it is, it was really hard to find anyone that even came remotely close to fitting the bill–then it hit me who he reminds me of… Hercule Satan from Dragon Ball Z. Once it crossed my mind the the parallels between them just kept flooding in one after another. Continue reading “Make Anime Great Again!”

Overreactions Week 5 Winter 2016

Being in the fifth week of the season you can really get a good feel for the shows you are watching. This week only I only watched a couple shows that I really wanted to talk about. Hope you enjoy my take on them!

  We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact!

**May Contain Spoilers proceed with caution**



Overreaction:  Good lord ERASED is good… It is taking every fiber of my being to not search out the source material to this show! I just want to know the whole story so badly! Especially with the announcement that the Manga is about to come to a conclusion. As bad I want it, I will not deprive myself of this exciting ride ERASED has been taking me on.
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Social Disapproval in the Anime Community

The Anime Community has some soul searching to do


  One of the best things about living in the age of the internet is how easy and vast social networking has become. With so many platforms we are no longer bound by geographical chains, It’s simply amazing, we can seek out like minded individuals to share and learn new things with just the push of a button–that would be impossible without the help of the internet!

  This is great for the anime community, my community,  since as far as hobbies go all things anime related are usually in the minority. Social networking has become an excellent tool for us especially. Thanks to it we have been able to band together and form these massive Facebook groups and anime website forums where we can share opinions and ideas.


  What should unite us as and breed positive relationships between people from people all over the world that love the inner workings of the great world of anime is over run by bullies–used as a playground to spread hate and their elitist propaganda.

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Overreactions Week 4

Week 4 Winter 2016


Week 4 entertained us, crushed us, and made us all laugh


We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact!

**May Contain Spoilers proceed with caution**

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Overreactions Week 3

Week 3 Winter 2016


Week 3 can only be described as disgusting, intelligent, and beautiful!

We can only work with what we got, and we’re all prisoners of the moment here so let’s overreact!

**May Contain Spoilers proceed with caution**

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What Anime Means to Me

What Anime Means to Me


  We all have reasons for why we throw ourselves into the world of Anime. Some of us are in it for the art, while some of us are in it for the adventure. Some people even use it as a means to escape from the pressures of life. Different life circumstance leads to different paths in life, as such, different reason for looking towards Anime as a source of fulfillment, creativity, or help.

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Overreactions Week 2 Winter 2016



   The Winter 2016 Anime season has hit the ground running setting the tone for what looks to a another promising year! There’s something for everyone this season. Whether you’re into magical high schools, wild fantasy worlds, or epic time travel mysteries!

   OK… I might be way too positive/optimistic seeing that it’s only two weeks into the Anime year, and I might be full of it when I say that the year looks promising but hey! I’m only human right!? While there are a couple really promising original and anti-trope shows this season, most of what we have is what is to be expected. Shows built around Fanservice and the same old anime routines…

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Why the Anime/Manga Industry Breeds Piracy in America

Pirates aren’t cool guys


  The Anime industry is dying. If you’ve been a fan of the industry for any time at all I am sure you’ve heard that proclamation thrown around a time or two. If you ask me todays anime is great. The quality is better than ever on so many different levels. In my opinion it’s not the Anime or Manga quality that’s the problem. For me it boils down to one thing: The fans of the Anime industry. From the Elitist bullies who push would be fans away right down to the internet pirates seemingly in search of the One Piece on the Anime Line. Continue reading “Why the Anime/Manga Industry Breeds Piracy in America”

Top Anime Shows of 2015

Top 6 Anime Shows of 2015


The 2015 anime class was extremely top heavy. In a year littered with magical schools, forced fan service, and any other cliche you can think of we were actually handed a few instant classics chalked full of originality. Here are my Top 6 Anime Shows of 2015, First Out, as well as the Biggest Disappointment Anime of 2015!



Yona of the dawn

(Akatsuki no Yona) 


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