Tattoos in Anime and the Japanese Mafia

How the Yakuza Warped the Way Tattoos are Viewed in Japan

Tattoos in anime are not something that we see every day. Sure, there are pretty iconic anime characters that sport tattoos, but they are very far and few between. A lot of it has to do with the way tattoos are viewed in Japan’s society. Over a century ago tattoos in Japan, took a turn that would lead them down a very different path than that of many other societies around the world. For instance, here in America tattoos have been ingrained in our everyday life; almost everybody has one. In Japan, however, it is an art that has been connected to criminals and was even illegal up until just after World War ll.

When you know a little about the history of tattoos in Japan, their lack of presence in anime make sense. Continue reading “Tattoos in Anime and the Japanese Mafia”